Is Biomedical Science for you?

Are you thinking about a career in the professional Health Sciences but aren't entirely sure of the area that you would like to specialise in? Do you imagine yourself working in a lab , developing artificial organs, or maybe you would like to help patients and treat diseases? Perhaps as a doctor or a medical researcher? A Biomedical Science Degree may be a perfect option for you to consider.

Biomedical Science Degree will provide you with an understanding of the structure and function of human cells, organs and the body as well as explore health care methods of diagnosing and treating diseases. Students who have graduated from a Biomedical Science degree are equipped to explore a variety of exciting careers within the Health Science field as this degree provides an ideal pathway to further graduate professional health courses.

Depending on the combination of other majors and electives taken during your degree, once you graduate with your undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science you will have the choice to further your studies by entering an broad range of graduate course options, whether it is Doctor of Medicine (MD) program or another area.

Depending on the university and the country you choose to study in, an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science can take between 3 to 4 years to complete and university tuition fees can cost between ZAR220 000  - ZAR775 000 per year.

Wondering what marks you need to apply?

Students interested in applying for entry into a Biomedical Science degree would need to have an overall average of *80% of above. If you aren't sure if you have a high enough overall average to apply for a Biomedical Science degree you can find out how to apply for a foundation course by speaking to a Global Education consultant or come in and see us for free advise.

What is a Foundation Course?

A foundation course will allow you to build up your knowledge and marks in Health Science related subjects during a period of about 8 months prior to enrolling in your degree. Once you have completed your foundation course and you've met the required average grades, you can progress into the first year of your Bachelor of Biomedical Science Degree at University.

The below is a sample list of various careers and job titles available to Biomedical Science graduates with the appropriate skills. Please take note that some of the jobs listed may be dependant on the level of experience and the combination of other majors and electives taken during your undergraduate studies. Some specialist careers may also require further studies at a postgraduate level.

• Audiologist • Biologist • Biotechnologist • Biochemist • Bioinformatician • Biological Sciences Technician • Biomechanist • Biomechatronics Engineer • Biostatistician • Clinical Research Coordinator • Dietitian • Echocardiography Technologist • Epidemiologist

• Ethicist • Exercise Physiologist • Embryologist • Forensic Scientist • Forensic Biologist 

• Geneticist • Journalist • Laboratory Analyst • Laboratory Assistant • Laboratory Manager

Medical Scientist • Medical Technician • Microbiologist  • Molecular Biologist

• Nutritionist • Nanotechnologist • Neurophysiological Technician • Neuroscientist

Occupational Hygienist • Operations Manager • Osteologist • Pathology Assistant

• Patent Attorney/Technical Advisor • Pharmaceutical Scientist • Pharmaceutical/Clinical Specialist Sales Representative • Pharmaceutical / Medicinal Chemist • Pharmacist

Physiologist • Quality Assurance Technician • Reproductive Medicine / IVF Specialist

• Research Manager • Research Officer • Research Scientist • Science Editor

• Science Information/Education Officer • Scientific Patent Examiner/Technical Advisor

• Science Teacher • Scientific Policy Officer • Scientific Writer • Sports Scientist

• Technical Sales Representative • Toxicologist • Tissue Culture Technician

• University Lecturer/Academic • VET Teacher

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