If you are considering studying a degree at a UK University, it is likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, but also be one of the most rewarding. Therefore, it is important that you understand the true costs of studying in the UK, and that you find the right university that is the best fit for you

Before you start researching your study options and want to submit applications, allow us to assist in providing information to help you understand the process

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Let’s break down the costs

In general, the total amount required for your studies in the UK will depend on a number of different factors, including the course you want to study, the city you will live in, your lifestyle choices (example, student accommodation preferences, meals, transport), etc.

When submitting your application for a student visa, and if you are studying outside of London on a course longer than 9 months, the UK Visa and Immigration department requires you to show £9,135 for your living expenses. Bank statements need to accompany your student visa application, to provide proof of funds available

Example: *Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales offer competitive course fees and are located in a cost-effective city in the UK, offering really affordable UK degrees. The cost of living in Cardiff is also not as expensive as living in many other large cities in Britain. However, regardless of the cost of your preferred course, your choice of university and the city you will be living in, you would still need to supply proof of funds available to cover your living expenses, when applying for your student visa

A great tool to help you calculate the cost of studying abroad is the International student calculator. If you need any assistance with this, you may also contact one of our international student consultants, who will gladly assist. Global Education provides this service at no charge to you

But what if I received a scholarship?

Whether you were awarded with a sport scholarship or academic scholarship (otherwise referred to as a percentage that is deducted from your international student tuition fees), when applying for your student visa, you still have to provide proof of funds available to support your living expenses while studying in the UK.

What if I cannot pay my fees during my course?

We prompt our students to arrange their finances before we start the application process. Late or no payments will incur an additional administration charge on top of your tuition fees

International student regulations state that all academic fees and accommodation fees must be paid in full whilst you are studying at the University or else you will not be permitted to graduate from your course and gain a certificate for your academic achievements

If you do not pay your fees on time, you will receive letters from the university’s finance office and may be prevented from continuing with your studies or re-enrolling onto the next phase of your course until your fees are paid. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay your fees, you may be advised to suspend or defer your studies until you are in a position to clear all outstanding debts to the University

Any change to a Tier 4 student’s status at the university must be reported to UK Visas and Immigration, which may consequently result in a curtailment/cancellation of your visa

Can I work part time while studying in the UK?

Yes. However, this should not be factored into your budget for course fees or accommodation fees. Any earnings from part time work should be seen as additional spending money

How should I bring my money to the UK?

The choice is yours! However, take security into consideration. It is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash. You should ensure that you bring enough cash to pay for any incidentals until you are able to open a bank account or are able to access your funds. An example of incidentals you may need to purchase are; food, taxi fares, bus fares, accommodation and a calling card to call home

We recommend that larger amounts of money should be carried in a secure form such as sterling travellers’ cheques.

If you have any questions about applying to study in Wales or the UK please feel free to contact Global Education to come in for a free consultation or why not register for our South Africa & Zimbabwe Expo in February 2019

*Content provided by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Global Education is an authorised representative for Cardiff Metropolitan University.


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